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Chevron to appeal $18 billion ruling

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Of course they're going to drag this out even longer. They asked for the trial to be moved from the US to Ecuador years ago but now can't live with the results. Isn't it interesting to see that when a corporate giant like Chevron drags out an expensive court case it's considered to be a normal business practice but when some poor slob sues a corporate giant or someone with deep pockets, it's abusing the system and clogging up the courts. OK, so which is it? Everyone is tired of the two weights, two measures but that's what continues to divide the 1% from the rest.

Chevron Corp has filed an appeal with Ecuador's Supreme Court to review a judgment that the U.S. oil company pay $18 billion in damages for polluting the Amazon jungle. An Ecuadorian judge ordered the U.S. major to pay the damages after a fraught legal battle that has lasted nearly two decades and looks like it will run even longer. The California oil company inherited the case when it bought Texaco a decade ago. Its appeal on Friday argued that the lower courts violated Ecuador's constitution by refusing to take corrective action in response to what Chevron calls "extensive fraud and corruption" committed by the plaintiffs' lawyers and representatives.

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