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Brazil to charge Chevron and Transocean in oil spill

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Whether they will pay is another thing. We watched Big Oil drag out financial responsibility for the Exxon Valdez disaster and are currently watching Chevron fight responsibility for their convicted crimes in Ecuador. This is an industry that is convinced it's above the law but as long as you have politicians who make excuses for them and apologize, this is what happens.

A Brazilian prosecutor plans to file criminal charges against Chevron Corp and some of its local managers within weeks, adding the threat of prison sentences to an $11 billion civil lawsuit as punishment for a November offshore oil spill. The filing in federal court in Campos, Brazil, will likely include a request for criminal indictment of George Buck, chief executive of Chevron's Brazil unit, as well as other staff, three Brazilian government officials involved in the case told Reuters. Transocean Ltd, whose rig was used in the operation, and some of its employees in Brazil are also expected to be charged, according to the officials, who requested anonymity because the case has not been presented to a judge. It is up to a judge to determine whether to accept the charges and proceed with indictments.

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