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Unemployment numbers out today - forecast is 7.5%

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This report is going to highlight the need for movement on the stimulus plan. The GOP wants to block anything and everything and the economy is in shambles because of their bad choices. They never offer anything constructive to the process and only block and say "tax cuts" for every question. What visionaries.

With news of fresh layoffs creeping into the markets every day, investors are bracing for another bad nonfarm payrolls report Friday, which could bring the total job losses of the past two months to more than 1 million.

And the numbers are not likely to get better until the second half of the year, analysts said.

Nonfarm payrolls likely dropped by 525,000 in January, according to economists surveyed by ThomsonReuters. Those polled by predicted a drop of 540,000, on average.

And there are a number of predictions much higher. Analysts at ING, who still maintain their view that "we could at some point see 1 million payrolls decline," predict a plunge of 750,000 in January.

The unemployement rate is expected to rise to 7.5 percent from 7.2 percent in December. Average hourly earnings are expected to rise 0.2 percent.

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