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Stimulus battle moves to the Senate

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It's game on in the U.S. Senate for the economic recovery package. And, the Senate Republicans are planning their same old games. Mitch McConnell and his crew of GOP obstructionists are gearing up. The question is how much more damage can these Republicans do to the U.S. economy?:

President Barack Obama predicted a "difficult next few days" as the Democratic-controlled Senate on Monday debated an almost $900 billion stimulus package of federal spending and tax cuts amid Republican opposition.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada said he hoped to push the measure through the chamber by Friday after considering a stack of amendments offered by Republicans as well as members of his own party.

But Republicans -- who last week withheld support from a similar measure in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives -- appeared ready to fight to put more emphasis on tax cuts and less on new spending.

"We're not trying to prevent a package from passing. We're trying to reform it -- reformulate it," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told a Capitol Hill news conference.
Right. And, the American people should trust Senate Republicans because?

Meanwhile, ads are now running in the states of several GOP Senators urging support for the stimulus bill. The ads began last week in Alaska, Iowa, New Hampshire and Maine. Now, they're up in Indiana and Missouri, too. AFSCME, SEIU, MoveOn and Americans United for Change are behind this effort:

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