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Will Obama plan wipe out big banks?

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I sure hope so. They're too big to fail yet they're complete failures. The government throws them a life line and they spend $18 billion on bonuses. Scrap the entire damned thing and start over. If the executives are this stupid (and they are) and the shareholders are this stupid, tough luck. Break these banks into smaller pieces and see if bankers can get back to being bankers instead of high roller gamblers and executive socialists.

The creation of a government bad bank to buy toxic assets is necessary, but then the government will need to take control of and restructure major banks to fix the system, one economist at the World Economic Forum in Davos told

"They have to do a bad bank," Harvard Economics Professor Ken Rogoff said. But "if that's all they do then it's idiotic."

Institutions like Citi and Bank of America will have to go, boards will have to be fired and equity stakeholders will be wiped out, Rogoff said.

The plan could mirror the one Sweden implemented, where all troubled banks were nationalized, their balance sheets were cleaned up and the good parts of the businesses were sold to the private sector.

That solution was "much cleaner," he said.

Sweden’s banks were effectively bankrupt in the early 1990s, but the government pulled off a rapid recovery that actually helped taxpayers make money in the long run.

The government placed banks with troubled assets into a so-called bad bank, where they could be held and then sold when market and economic conditions improved.

In the meantime, it used taxpayer money to provide enough capital to allow banks to resume normal lending, but wiped shareholders out in the process.

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