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Why is anyone, especially Obama, even listening to the GOP?

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Bob Herbert's column asks the question that everyone I know is asking: After all the damage the GOP has done to our nation, why is anyone listening to the Republicans?:

When the G.O.P. talks, nobody should listen. Republicans have argued, with the collaboration of much of the media, that they could radically cut taxes while simultaneously balancing the federal budget, when, in fact, big income-tax cuts inevitably lead to big budget deficits. We listened to the G.O.P. and what do we have now? A trillion-dollar-plus deficit and an economy in shambles.

This is the party that preached fiscal discipline and then cut taxes in time of war. This is the party that still wants to put the torch to Social Security and Medicare. This is a party that, given a choice between Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, would choose Ronald Reagan in a heartbeat.

Why is anyone still listening?

We keep seeing efforts by the Obama administration to assuage the Republicans. The President is heading to Capitol Hill today to meet with House and Senate GOPers. To what end? Dealing with the Republicans is like playing the arcade game "Whack-a-mole." As soon as one concern is addressed, a new one pops up. It's never going to be enough. Even better, Atrios calls it "rule by Republican hissy fit."

Whatever it is, it has to stop. Soon. The GOP has destroyed America's economy. Obama has to fix it. And, the Republicans who destroyed the economy are going to be his biggest obstacle.

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