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Senate turns Burris away

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This is great. But it would be nice had they turned Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and every other crook away as well. At some point, Democrats need to show the same testicular fortitude in standing up against Republicans as they do fellow Democrats. More from the Washington Post:

Placing himself at the center of a nationally televised spectacle, Burris arrived at the Capitol in a steady rain with an entourage of aides and lawyers, followed by dozens of journalists, including some broadcasting the procession into the Capitol and up to the third floor on hand-held digital cameras and cell phones....

Burris was met at the Capitol entrance by Terry Gainer, the Senate sergeant at arms, who escorted him through the regular visitors' entrance and up to the third floor of the Capitol to Erickson's office -- in a regular elevator bank, not the one reserved for senators only.

When Burris was rejected, he marched out of the Capitol and across the street, with a media army in tow, where he held a press conference next to the Russell Senate Office Building.
Just go away.

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