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Pelosi’s power move leaves House Republicans fuming

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Joe is off dealing with a very nasty cold that has been going around, but he asked me to post about this. He says this is big. The article in the The Hill doesn't really explain what the rule changes do. Pelosi has a fact sheet that explains a lot more, though it's still confusing as hell (not that she could explain it any better, the House rules are very confusing to outsiders). In a nutshell, Pelosi is reforming the "motion to recommit" that Republicans in the House often use to kill popular bills at the last minute. Now they won't be able to kill the bill as easily, though they can amend it, which is what they supposedly wanted all along. Pelosi gets points for getting tough and reforming the House in a way to ensure better that it can gets thing done. This is a very good thing.

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