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NY Times promotes Bush Oval Office rules which are false

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I'm calling BS on this. Besides the fact that the "no jacket, no Oval Office" story has been proven to be false, so is the old story of Bush running a tight schedule. Who could forget all of the media hype during the early Bush years about Bush being the first CEO President? All we heard about was that he ran a tight ship, with strict adherence to the schedule.

Too bad I know someone who had a 15 minute visit to the Oval Office that turned into 45 minutes. Bush invited a group to the White House to (in theory) congratulate them for an amazing historical event though of course, he never once recognized the event and instead monologued about his furniture and art work brought from Texas. After 30 minutes someone asked about photos so it then dragged out for another 15 minutes. As they left the Oval Office they passed by generals with stars across their shoulders who had been left waiting for an additional 30 minutes. Maybe the Times can quit spreading lies about what a tight ship Bush ran, because he didn't. Even if he did, none of his supposed regulations for staff did much positive for the country. They trashed it for eight years.

Anyway, as I've said before, who really cares if Obama wears a jacket or not? Even a tie for regular meetings seems like a waste to me. If Obama wants to wear a wet suit to work I don't give a damn. Just get the job done and let the GOP worry about the silly issues.

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