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House Republicans "delighted" and "elated" and "celebrating" over their zero votes to save the economy

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This says so much about the culture in Washington. You'd like to think that members of Congress are looking out for the nation's good and the well being of their constituents. The Republicans sure aren't. Based on several news reports, it's clear the House Republicans are reveling in the united opposition to the economic recovery package.

This must seem bizarre to most people, especially those who are struggling and have lost their jobs or homes (or both). Everyone seems concerned as the economy continues to tank. Yet, the Republicans are having a party because they all voted against saving the economy. Wow.

And, from the wide coverage, its clear the Republicans want the world to know they're happy.

New York Times:

Republicans profess to be unconcerned. House Republicans on Thursday headed off to a retreat at The Homestead, a Virginia resort, still celebrating their unanimous stand — despite Mr. Obama’s visit to the Capitol to seek their support — against a package that in their view has too much big-government spending and too few tax cuts. Their unsuccessful substitute was entirely of tax cuts.
The Hill:
House Republicans still elated from their unanimous vote againt the Democratic stimulus package think they will be able to work with President Obama on future bills despite the partisan vote
Washington Post:
The bill passed easily despite the opposition of all 177 Republican House members, but party leaders delighted in what they considered a victory after two straight electoral drubbings and much soul-searching about what the party stands for.
It's all fun and games for the GOP.

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