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Gay man picked to head OPM

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John Berry has been chosen to head the Office of Personnel Management. I'm pretty sure he's the most senior gay person ever appointed to a position in any administration (closeted cabinet appointees don't count). He is to be the head of a large agency, and that's a good thing. I'd still like to see us advance from here and in the future get an openly gay person heading an agency that handles substantive policy outside of the administration.

From the Human Rights Campaign:

"The selection of John Berry to head the Office of Personnel Management, making him the highest-ranking openly gay official ever, is a meaningful step forward for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community."

"In his new role, John will make critical decisions regarding the implementation of fair workplace policies for millions of federal workers. We congratulate him on his remarkable achievements and look forward to his continued leadership for the LGBT community and the nation as a whole."

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