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Flight 1549 and the age issue

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In a story that is already extraordinary in every way, what it especially impressive is pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III and his age. How often does the corporate world throw aside workers who are over 50? In France roughly 55% of those 55 and above are unemployed. My own father was forced into early retirement (at 59) and many friends and family tell me similar stories. Obviously there is an age when the abilities to think quickly start to decline, but the entire US Air team was well under such an age.

This amazing story shows that just because someone is over 55 or even over 50 doesn't mean that they're as useless as the corporate world thinks. It was precisely because of the crews age and experience that the plane made a successful (crash) landing and everyone survived. The co-pilot is 49 (nearing that "dangerous" age for employment) and the flight crew also had decades of experience. Could it be that the corporate world is wrong? Gasp! Maybe there's a lot more talent out there that could be providing even mini miracles or just making business run well but aren't given the chance. What a pity for all of us.

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