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Celebrate democracy, get a tattoo

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Those commemorative t-shirts don't really last, do they? Is there any business that hasn't been swept up in Obama inauguration fever? The economy can use all the help it can get, so why not?

For those who want a more permanent way to showcase their support for Barack Obama, Washington's tattoo parlors are ready to help.

"There's nothing more memorable than a tattoo," said Matt Jessup, better known as "Fatty," the owner of Fatty's Custom Tattooz and Body Piercing.

His shop is celebrating what it has dubbed the "Obamathan," where customers can get a free "Obama '08" logo tattoo if they buy another tattoo worth $200. The Obama tattoo, Fatty says, is worth $70.

"A lot of people are feeling very inspired and taken by this moment in our nation's history. And for many people, they are in town for this historic event, they want something to remember it by," he said.

At Fatty's and other tattoo shops in the area, there have been multiple inquiries about getting inked with an Obama image, they say, but only a few people have actually gone through with.

The most popular choices so far have been the Obama logo, the word "hope," and the now iconic red-and-blue Obama hope poster by Shepard Fairey.

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