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Bush delivers his "Farewell Address"

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Finally. Finally. Finally.

And, he's got all his family, staff and friends in the White House for a little pep rally.

I can't promise that I'll capture every word the guy said -- and on some level, it doesn't matter.

It's over. He's done.

In five days, he'll be out of our lives. We'll be dealing with the disasters from his administration for a long, long time.

8:03 PM: And, of course, he leads with September 11th. He's never been the same since then...every morning, he received a briefing on terrorists. Too bad he wasn't paying attention to the briefing on August 6, 2001 when he was warned that terrorists were going to hijack planes.

8:07 PM: This is like one of the speeches circa 2003 when some Americans actually believed Bush.

Our air and water are measurable cleaner? He's delusional. Seriously, this whole speech is delusional.

Tough times, but "the toll would be far worse if we had not acted." Um, we're in tough times because you acted.

8:11 PM: The camera keeps cutting to Cheney who is squirming in his seat. Bob and Liddy Dole are there, too. She's no longer a Senator in part because of Bush.

8:12 PM: Good and evil. Evil is bad.

8:14 PM: Bush invited people to sit in the audience so he could tell their stories just like he does at the State of the Union. I guess it's better for him to talk about other people -- not himself.

8:15 PM: Best words we ever heard from Bush, "for the final time, good night."

Yeah, good night and good riddance.

Finally. Finally. Finally.

UPDATE: Obama wisely didn't listen to Bush. He went out to dinner. From the pool report:

At 8 pm, just as pres bush began his farewell speech peotus obama left blair house for the 30 second drive to equinox restaurant on connecticut and I st.

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