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Thursday Morning Open Thread

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Good morning.

Christmas is one week from today. Uh oh.

The TODAY Show is in overdrive today. They are covering two of their favorite topics with stories on Caylee, the missing three year old from Florida, and Drew Peterson, the creepy cop from Illinois whose wives keep disappearing. Matt Lauer is beside himself with excitement.

Like I wrote yesterday, I know Democrats are going to screw up the Obama agenda of change, most likely in the Senate. Expect that. And, I knew at some point, Obama would really disappoint a lot of us. I didn't think it would start at the inauguration. Picking Rick Warren to speak is a betrayal. It's hard to imagine that any other speaker who consistently used hateful and derogatory language about another group of Americans could ever appear at the new president's inauguration. But, in Obama land, we've now learned, rhetorical gay bashing is not only tolerated, but celebrated. I have to admit, that hurts.

Anyway. It is what it is.

Let's thread the news.

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