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NGLTF blasts Obama over Warren

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Statement by Rea Carey, Executive Director
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

"President-elect Obama campaigned on a theme of inclusivity, yet the selection of Rick Warren to give the invocation is a direct affront to that very principle. This was a divisive choice, and clearly not one that will help our country come together and heal. We urge President-elect Obama to withdraw his invitation to Rick Warren and instead select a faith leader who embraces fairness, equality and the ideals the president-elect himself has called the nation to uphold."
Actually, that's the best argument I've heard to date. This is a divisive choice. It doesn't matter if Obama and his people think they're being post-partisan by picking a raging bigot to share the dais with the first black president. Warren doesn't bring us together. He tears us apart. And he already has.

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