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Tommy Thompson retracts anti-gay statement made during debate - that was quick

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Well, that was a quick flip-flop even by Republican standards.

Tonight during the GOP presidential debate, Tommy Thompson said, quite unequivocally - well, after staring at the camera like a deer in the headlights - that he thinks it's okay for employers to fire their employees simply because they're gay. Joe has the video in the post below. Well, an astute AMERICAblog reader wrote Tommy Thompson's main campaign email address at 10:11pm this evening to complain that Thompson was an "ignorant, homophobic fool." Imagine his surprise at 10:20pm, only 9 minutes later, when he received an email from Thompson spokesman Tony Jewell saying that Thompson misheard the question and is opposed to discrimination. Yeah, well, watch the video for yourself - Thompson says it's up the individual employer if he wants to fire someone for being gay. He answered the question twice. Can't be any clearer than that.

But I am intrigued that Joe Blow reader can write the main info email at Tommy Thompson's campaign and get an email back in 9 minutes from the spokesman - that's pretty good. And it's rather telling that in spite of the GOP's rampant homophobia, when they get called on it, they backtrack fast. Though I'm guessing the religious right bigots aren't going to be very happy with Tommy after that.

Now someone needs to inform Tommy Thompson that in most of America it is 100% legal to fire someone for being gay. So, since Thompson opposes such firings, does he support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which would make it illegal to fire someone simply for being gay?

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