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VA gunman was suicidal, accused of stalking 2 women, yet still able to buy a gun

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So your daughter has been stalked by some nutjob. How do you feel about the stalker being able to buy a gun in Virginia?

It's one thing for normal people to buy guns - I'm happy to debate, and consider, if that's okay. It's quite another for some guy who stalked two women. Why do we treat gun owners like they're something special. And oh yeah, so much for the "oh but he always seemed so normal" defense. No, he didn't always seem so normal. In fact, he seemed quite abnormal. And Virginia sold him a gun anyway. And he even bought a bulletproof best, which is interesting, because how many normal people need bulletproof vests? Raise of hands please. Yes, the answer would be zero.

We have a gun problem and a violence problem in this country, and no one wants to touch it because the Republicans will be mean to us if we talk about gun violence. And we all know that if Democrats just stop talking about guns, the Republicans will turn around and be nice to us. Just like we stopped talking about gay civil rights, and the environment, and abortion, and civil liberties and all those other issues that makes Republicans mean. And we wonder why people think the country is going in the wrong direction. It is.

Oh and PS, yes there are laws about not selling guns to people with restraining orders against them. And that's great. But shouldn't the standard be higher when we're talking about kids with guns (or anyone with guns)? You should be 100% clean if you're going to buy a gun, and requiring a restraining order or criminal record isn't enough. You should be 100% clean or you don't get the gun. Being suicidal and having two recent stalking accusations isn't 100% clean. It's scary, with or without the gun.

Your right to own a gun stops when 33 kids and adults are murdered.

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