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Shocking revelation - tainted pigs entered human food supply

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Who didn't see this one coming? The FDA "was not sure" if the pigs had been sold and eaten by humans but just as they knew about the E. Coli spinach years ago, just as they knew about the peanut butter problems well before they went public, they probably knew about this as well. It's impossible to have any confidence at all with the FDA since decisions are made for political reasons instead of safety reasons. Let the GOP goons who created this monster be the food testers for the country and then let's see how fast the system changes.

Several hundred of the 6,000 hogs that may have eaten contaminated pet food are believed to have entered the food supply for humans, the government said Thursday. The potential risk to human health was said to be very low.
Let's see how much they downplay the human risk just as they downplayed the risk to pets. Remember, according to the FDA - even today - melamine is not supposed to cause health problems or death with pets so they're simply recycling the lines from the pet food scandal. I used to think that death might bring change to this GOP-run FDA but it's increasingly clear that death is just a speed bump for Republicans. As long as business moves, they just look the other way.

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