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NY Post publishes fake AP story in order to blast Dems

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Wow, even FOX News hasn't tried this little trick. The conservative tabloid, New York Post, owned by Republican media magnate Rupert Murdoch, published a story today criticizing Democrats for giving a "death sentence" to millions of Iraqis. The only problem? The AP never wrote any such thing. You wouldn't really call this plagiarism - I'm not sure what you call it. Faking someone else's byline in order to print a story blasting a political enemy. Wow. TPM's Greg Sargent spoke with the AP reporter, David Espo, who the NY Post claims wrote the story. Espo says:

"I didn't write anything remotely like that. My name was on the story and I didn't write it anything like the way it was printed."
Publishing a fake AP story. I certainly hope the Associated Press is going to weigh in on this one.

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