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Melamine tainted animal feed used across the US

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How long has the FDA known about this and when are they going to start protecting American consumers instead of hiding behind China-bashing? Rogue companies can exist anywhere, but neither those companies nor the Chinese government are responsible for the US food supply safety. That would be the responsibility of the FDA who conveniently overlooks this fact.

Thousands of hogs in at least five states and poultry at a Missouri farm ate salvage pet food that had been laced with an industrial chemical, the Food and Drug Administration said yesterday , opening potential avenues for the contaminant to enter the human food supply.

Urine from hogs in California , North Carolina, and South Carolina tested positive for melamine , a chemical contained in rice protein concentrate imported from China . Hogs in New York , Utah, and, possibly, Ohio also ate tainted pet food, but their urine has not yet been tested.

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