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Did Bush make the decision to fire David Iglesias?

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Sure looks that way.

Josh Marshall wanted our attention this afternoon. Josh and his crew at TPM broke the U.S. Attorneys scandal. So when he wants our attention, it's for a good reason. And, the involvement of the President in the scandal is a very good reason.

TPM examined an article in today's Albuquerque Journal. Bottom line -- It sure looks like Bush made the decision to fire David Iglesias. Read the whole post. Iglesias wouldn't play political games with prosecutions. That was his major offense. And, apparently, the President of the United States decided that was why he had to go:

No one disputes that Domenici's call to Iglesias was at best inappropriate. But there's been a lack of direct evidence that Iglesias's refusal to bow to political pressure led directly to his firing. Now we have that evidence. And it's not Kyle Sampson or even Alberto Gonzales whom Domenici went to to get sign off for Iglesias's ouster. It was right to the president. And the available evidence now points strongly to the conclusion that the final decision to fire David Iglesias came from the President of the United States.
This scandal gets uglier every day. No wonder all the players have either been lying about it -- or taking the Fifth. The loyal Bushies are protecting Bush.

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