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Concerned Women for America spokesman promotes white supremacist videomaker on YouTube

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Oh, you just can't make this stuff up.

Religious right leader Stephen Bennett, who, according to his own Web site, "speaks on behalf of Concerned Women for America in Washington, DC" (and who claims that God cured him from being gay), today sent out an email alert urging his readers to watch a video on YouTube about how "homosexuals" recruit children. I took at look at the video, and noticed immediately that the video is in fact 15 minutes of stolen video from the documentary "It's Elementary," wrapped in some homophobic title screens.

Bad enough that they're ripping off a movie, but then I noticed the tags, or keywords, associated with the YouTube video. First tag, "faggots."

That got me wondering just who posted this video, so I clicked on their screen name and checked out their other video postings. They include such cinematic wonders as (click image below to see a larger copy):

- The Black Death (about how Asians nearly killed Europeans by giving them the plague)
- Keep America white
- Hitler
- Blacks are racist
- Homosexuals Brainwashing Children (parts I and II)
- Mexican druglords and human sacrifice
- White Europeans are the first Americans (parts I, II and III)
- Black Crime (another winner)

And my personal favorite:

- Black Intelligence, which purports to be a discussion of how white people are smarter than black people, and which shows a bunch of dark Hollywood-stereotype African natives jumping up and down like monkeys. The video is one of the most racist things you have ever seen. I thought about not even posting it, but the lesson will not be learned until we call the religious right on their bigotry publicly. Here is the videomaker that the self-described spokesman for the Concerned Women for America is promoting:

Yes, just another racist nutjob on YouTube except that this racist nutjob is being promoted by a man who speaks publicly on behalf of the Concerned Women for America, one of the top three or four religious right groups in America. Though, since Concerned Women for America is also promoting known hate groups, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that one of their spokesman is now promoting the works of white supremacists.

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