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Clinton and Obama even in latest national poll

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Okay, it's still very, very early in the nominating process, but it's sure not dull. The latest nationwide poll from Rasmussen Reports has the race even between Clinton and Obama:

On the heels of a burst of successful fund-raising, Democratic 2008 presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama has pulled even with frontrunner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a new poll released on Monday found.

Obama, a firs-term senator from Illinois, has steadily gained on Clinton, a veteran on the national political scene, over the last month and each now polled 32 percent among likely Democratic voters, the survey by Rasmussen Reports found. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina was third in the poll with 17 percent.

In late March, New York's Clinton held a 12-point lead over Illinois' Obama in the Rasmussen poll.
Of course, the nomination isn't decided on a national basis. It's a state-by-state process and some states (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina) are obviously way more important this time. We'll start monitoring the state polls once we get closer.

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