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Bush: Stop comparing my war to Vietnam

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Bush apparently hates comparing his war in Iraq to the war that he and Cheney avoided in Vietnam. Given the failure that is the Iraq war, it is, of course, an appropriate comparison. But, Bush never lets facts get in the way:

President George W. Bush and fellow Republicans struggled on Thursday with comparisons between the U.S. wars in Iraq and Vietnam as the Senate's top Democrat declared the Iraq lost.

A day after a White House meeting with lawmakers failed to resolve differences over whether to attach a troop withdrawal plan to a war funding bill, Bush and the Democrats continued their feud from afar.

Asked to compare Iraq to Vietnam, a war that still weighs on the American psyche three decades after it ended, Bush told an Ohio audience a premature U.S. withdrawal from Iraq could lead to chaos and death the same way war broke out between Vietnam and the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia after the fall of Saigon in 1975.

"After Vietnam, after we left, millions of people lost their life. My concern is there would be a parallel there," Bush said, adding that "This time around, the enemy wouldn't just be content to stay in the Middle East, they'd follow us here."
Follow us here. What a line. If Bush had spent the last five years fighting the real terrorists and building up our national security, we wouldn't have to worry that they could follow us here. But, Bush chose a political strategy instead of a security strategy. And, Iraq is actually a bigger disaster than Vietnam.

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