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Bush is giving another big speech about Iraq

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Here he goes again. Bush is giving a speech about Iraq to the American Legion starting at 10:25 a.m. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux is dutifully reporting the President's talking points in advance of the speech.

Don't suppose the American Legion would ever hold their Commander-in-Chief responsible for sending troops to war without proper equipment and proper training -- and, then, not treating the wounded soldiers. Unfortunately, they're just a political prop for Bush.

The Republicans are playing political games with Iraq. Bush will be doing the same thing in his speech.

Okay, CNN just started the coverage...Bush blamed "bureaucratic snafus" for the problems at Walter Reed. He's pathetic.

And, of course, September the 11th, September the 11th, September the 11th...that day changed everything in case you didn't know. He's really dwelling on 9/11. Bush is still talking like it's 2002. And, when he dwells on 9/11, he's grasping.

Ha....even CNN cut away from coverage probably because Bush is giving the same old speech.

Sticking with the talking point: We need to pursue the enemy over there so we don't have to face them here. Those people don't believe in the freedom to worship.

Uh-oh...he's doing that goofy smirk every time he says "functioning democracy."

This post from the Freeway Blogger says it all. (Thanks scarlet p.)

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