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Bush continues to ignore American people. He has no strategy to end the war.

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As we blogged below, Bush gave yet another speech about Iraq today. Lots of references to 9/11, but no plan for getting us out the quagmire. And, of course, the White House press corps dutifully reported his speech -- without providing a reality check. Bush continues to provide no strategy for Iraq beyond keeping the troops in Iraq.

Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a joint statement addressing the President's latest political ploy:

"The American people want the President and the Congress to work together to bring a responsible end to the war in Iraq. Congressional Democrats are willing to meet with the President at any time, but we believe that any discussion of an issue as critical as Iraq must be accomplished by conducting serious negotiations without any preconditions. Our goal should be to produce an Iraq supplemental bill that both fully funds our troops and gives them a strategy for success.

"With his threat to veto such a plan for change in Iraq, President Bush is ignoring the clear message of the American people: We must protect our troops, hold the Iraqi government accountable, rebuild our military, provide for our veterans and bring our troops home.

"The President is demanding that we renew his blank check for a war without end. Despite the fact that the President persists in trying to score political points at the expense of our troops, congressional Democrats have repeatedly reached out in the spirit of cooperation. We renew our request to work with him to produce a bipartisan bill that provides our troops and our veterans with every penny they need, but in turn, demands accountability."
The latest Associated Press confirmed that the American people want this war to end. Reid and Pelosi understand that. Bush doesn't care -- he never has. Bob Geiger also has a good analysis of the current political situation -- this debate is about ending the war: "Democrats want to bring American troops home."

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