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60 Minutes catches Imus using the N-word

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He denied it. Then they caught him. Yeah, he's really not a racist.

A growing number of conservatives would have us believe that Imus is just as bad as everyone else, you know, just like people who criticize President Bush. Isn't it really the same thing, criticizing President Bush because he's an idiot, a failure, and the worst president ever and picking on a bunch of women because they're black? That's what conservatives are now trying to allege in an ongoing effort to somehow paint Imus' racism as not that bad. And yes, both are "picking on" examples. But one is well-deserved (and true), the other is racist and unacceptable in civilized society (or should be). One is directed at the leader of a free country (who can defend himself, thank you very much), the other is against innocent young college women.

It amazes me how many people on the right still don't understand what America was founded on, and why. Namely, that we led a revolution to overthrow a tyrannical government. That our freedoms have been given to us, and guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, in order to insure that such a government does not return. The more we are permitted to openly criticize our government, the freer we are and will remain.

The same cannot be said of spewing racism against innocent young women. It doesn't help thwart the return of the king. It does, however, harken back to 400 years of shameful history that we are still, to this day, trying to put behind us. Calling George Bush a liar, or even a criminal, may shock some (while many others would agree), but it hardly is on a par with racism, historically or otherwise (no presidents nor their ancestors were subjugated for being dumb).

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