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Sure 29+ students are dead, but at least they had their 2nd Amendment rights

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UPDATE: 32 now dead.

Why is it legal in America for you to buy an AK-47? Oh that's right, it's your constitutional right to own an AK-47. I'm sure the founders, when considering their "original intent" that the Republicans always lecture us on, had in mind assault weapons when they were really writing about muskets. I don't know what kind of gun the shooter had, but it is far too easy for any nutjob to own a gun in this country, and it needs to stop.

Where are the gun control groups? Oh that's right, the big DC consultants tell all the politicians that guns are a losing issue (though that hardly excuses the gun control groups for going on vacation the past six years). America loves it guns, they tell us. Don't try to pass any laws that might have saved the lives of those 29-plus dead students in Virginia. And why? Because the consulting class would have us believe that the majority of the country would be very upset with any politician who tried to get control of America's horrendous gun violence problem. And where do they get off thinking this? Sure, the 30% percent of the Republican party who wanted to keep Terri Schiavo on a respirator probably also wants your 6-year-old nephew, and Charles Manson, to be able to buy an AK-47. But I'll bet you far more than 51% of the electorate - and 51% is all you need to win - think that we need to do more to get guns under control in this country.

We need to stop trying to convince 100% of the American people that we're right. The Republicans are content with 30% of the public supporting them. Let them have their wacky 30%, while we embrace the 70% (or however many) who are rational, normal, non-extremists who actually believe that kids running around shooting other kids is a bad thing.

It's time to revisit gun control in George Bush's America.

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