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Will Bush mention the maggot-infested bed sores?

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UPDATE: To see how real Americans supported our troops today, visit the Speaker's blog.

Just wondering if, when Bush speaks to the nation in a few minutes about the just-passed legislation from the House requiring him to get to finally end this endless war, and when Bush most certainly talks about supporting the troops, I'm just wondering if Bush is going to mention how he let our veterans suffer in hospitals where their bed sores were infested with maggots. Bush sure has a funny way of supporting our troops.

Just wondering. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Oh my God, Bush has a bunch of people in military uniform in the White House with him because now he's the big defender of our troops and our vets. I'd like to know why the woman standing behind Bush is in full uniform as a prop at a political event.

As is this gentleman.

Active duty military aren't permitted to serve as props at political events. And I have a hard time believing that former military are permitted to appear in full dress uniform, medals and all, when they're no longer in the service (can someone check this?). So what's going on here?

Bush is gonna veto it. Good. Veto the Democrats' efforts to stop this war. I have no problem with that. Bush is right, the Democrats are trying to stop this war, the Republicans are trying to keep the war going. It's that simple. Oh yeah, no mention of the veterans infested with maggots under Bush's watch.

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