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Valerie Plame Wilson should speak publicly shortly testifies -- and she is amazing

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Bumped and ANOTHER UPDATE: Plame is an amazingly good witness. Wow. Very impressive. She is very firm and clear. She was undercover. She was covert. She was outed for political reasons by the Bush Administration. The first articles are staring to pop up.

UPDATE: Plame is testifying. CNN is covering as is C-SPAN. Firedoglake is live blogging.

Outed CIA spy Valerie Plame will be testifying publicly before Representative Henry Waxman's Government Oversight Hearing today beginning at 10 am. Or she should be.

CNN is reporting that Republican members of Congress may use a procedural move to "close" the hearing -- meaning the public and the press would be shut out. Republicans don't want Plame to tell her story of being outed by the Bush White House:

People close to Plame say her primary goal in testifying before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is to knock down persistent claims that she did not serve undercover. "She is so tired of hearing that," her mother, Diane Plame, said in an interview earlier this week.
Plame was an undercover agent. The Bush Administration outed Ms. Plame, an undercover agent, for partisan political reasons. No wonder the GOP doesn't want her story told.

Republicans do not support those on the front lines of keeping our nation safe whether they are soldiers in Iraq, wounded soldiers at Walter Reed or undercover CIA agents.

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