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VA probe finds routine mice, insect invasions, asbestos

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But not to worry, it's all just normal stuff so the American vets shouldn't be concerned.

The nationwide review, ordered by Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson, reported mice at the VA Medical Center in Providence, recurring reports of flies at an outpatient clinic in Hyannis, and mismatched, stained, and broken furniture in Manchester, N.H.

VA officials yesterday described the problems as normal concerns for aging buildings, some of which are more than 75 years old. But Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Democrat of Massachusetts, said the results of the review were a sign of bureaucratic neglect of the nation's veterans.
And of course, we have good reason to trust the VA team.
The review contained "no surprises for us," said James W. Burrows, spokesman for the VA Medical Center in Providence. Most of the problems, he continued, "were routine maintenance kinds of things from a building that's approaching 60 years old."

The mice, he said, were spotted in administrative offices and have not been seen recently.

"That's not anything new," Burrows said of the mice. "It's not uncommon to have field mice come in, especially in the winter months. We immediately brought in a pest control service."

The bugs, he said, were flies that had become a problem at the Hyannis outpatient clinic, which the Providence VA center operates.

"We continue to work with the landlord on that," said Burrows, who added that the VA is seeking a larger space for its Cape Cod clinic.
All routine conditions and clearly nothing to be alarmed over.

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