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Susan Collins (R-ME) screwed over Maine (and the nation) on Real ID

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That Susan Collins is something else. This week, in one fell swoop, she managed to piss off Chris Achorn -- and the conservative Cato Institute. At the same time, she dissed the Maine Legislature, which voted overwhelming for a repeal of Real ID earlier this year.

A typical week for the junior Senator from Maine. Collins is one of the reasons we're headed towards a very flawed national ID. When Real ID passed, she was the chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee but held exactly no hearings on the Real ID. None, not one. See, Susan would never, ever, ever really do anything to upset George Bush. Now, instead of addressing the serious problems with the Real ID, Susan came up with a lame new proposal to keep Real ID alive.

Susan Collins tries to be something to everyone. In doing so, she really does nothing for anyone -- but she does get her name in the paper.

Collins is going to face a very tough challenge from Congressman Tom Allen next year. There are stark contrasts between Collins and Allen. One is that Tom introduced legislation, H.R. 1117, to repeal Real ID.

Maine is a blue state. Tom has represented the first Congressional District, which includes Greater Portland, since 1996. Approximately 72% of the media market in Maine comes out of the Portland-Auburn stations, which comprise the southern part of the state. A good chunk of voters in the Second District, including the very blue city of Waterville (hometown of the venerated George J. Mitchell) was in Tom's District until the last re-districting (in 2002). In the 2006 election, Tom got 60% of the vote without running one t.v. ad – meanwhile, the Democratic Governor was re-elected with only 38% of the vote in a four-way race. Collins best election was in 2002 -- the best GOP year ever, and she got just 58%. A lot has changed since 2002, but not Susan's loyalty to Bush and the GOP. She voted for the war and she can't escape that.

(Plus, Susan has to deal with both Chris and Kay in Maine.)

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