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Massachusetts Republicans for Truth to launch on Monday

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Poor Mitt. Those who know him the best don't even like him.

A group of Massachusetts Republicans is planning to launch a Web site on Monday that highlights flip-flops in the record of their former leader, presidential contender Mitt Romney.

The so-called Massachusetts Republicans for Truth is also pledging to run radio and television ads across the country as Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, seeks the 2008 GOP presidential nomination.

He has acknowledged changing from a supporter of abortion rights to an opponent, and recently signed a no-new-taxes pledge that his gubernatorial spokesman had previously labeled "gimmickry." During a 1994 Senate race, Romney also pledged to be more effective in fighting for gay rights than his opponent, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., although today Romney highlights his ardent opposition to gay marriage.

"I think he's trying to reinvent himself as a candidate," said Holly Robichaud, one of the site's organizers. "If that's what he wants to do, that's fine. We just want to tell people his entire record. It's up to the voters to decide if he's trustworthy on the issues."
Oh the humanity.

PS From John: Not sure the religious right, or the gay community for that matter, is going to like the fact that gay Republicans now agree that Romney is a "good option" for president.

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