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Gonzales speaks

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UPDATE: As Atrios notes, if Harriet Miers would just start blogging again, we could get to the bottom of this pronto.

He's not resigning, what a surprise. He accepts responsibility for the mistakes that "we're made." Oh my, now he's playing the race card. He's overcome a lot of obstacles in his life to become attorney general - sounds like the race card to me. Which is funny coming from an administration that attacks Latinos every change it gets.

I'd like to see him overcome a perjury charge.

LOL He saying that DOJ is a really big organization and he's not aware of everything that goes on. So much for him accepting responsibility. It was his freaking chief of staff, and the president of the United States, who were involved in this - and he didn't know about it?

Oooh, he's now saying that he's dismayed that he may not have given the congress accurate information. UNDER OATH, I might add. Now we know why he's doing the presser. Oh here were go again, we have 110,000 people here at DOJ, and he just can't know everything. So I guess he was just lying when he went before congress and under oath said he knew definitively that this entire affair wasn't political. Or did Gonzales only JUST discover that there are 110,000 people at DOJ and he doesn't know everything that goes on - you know, so he wasn't lying to the congress under oath because he thought he did know everything that goes on with all 110,000 people?

Ooh, now he's outright blaming his now-ex chief of staff, and he's stumbling a bit, stuttering, etc. Someone is nervous. I never saw documents, we never had a discussion. But he's accepting responsibility, even though he's totally innocent.

Oh man, that was fascinating. The man isn't just trying to keep his job, he's trying to avoid going to jail.

CNN: "He comes out really strong, 'I take responsibility for all the mistakes, mistakes were made and I take responsibility for them, but I didn't know about them.' It sounds like he's taking responsibility, and then not so."

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