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Did White House officially embrace Holocaust Revisionist?

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UPDATE: Religious right preacher says White House is lying when it denies appointing him as a special envoy. He's also now naming names.

The Bush White House reportedly appointed arch-homophobe Ken Hutcherson as a "special envoy" of the White House Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives. You'll remember him as the man who got Microsoft to dump its supports for gay civil rights (Microsoft subsequently dumped Hutcherson and came back to the fold). Hutcherson himself is claiming the White House appointed him. The White House is reportedly denying it (though their denial sounds awfully legalistic to me).

Hutcherson then claims he used his new White House anointed status to meet with Latvian government officials and go bother our US embassy officials in Latvia. And who reportedly tagged along with Mr. Hutcherson on his White House endorsed trip? None of than religious right anti-gay activist Scott Lively, a man accused of publishing Holocaust Revisionism by HateWatch. You see, Lively is the guy behind the theory that gays were the really masterminds behind the Holocaust.

Hutcherson also says he was there pushing Latvia to oppose gay marriage. Good God, do these people ever quit? Hutcherson also lectured the US Embassy officials about their supposed support for the homosexual agenda - I'm sure they had nothing better to do than meet with this goofball now officially representing the Bush the White House.

More on Mr. Lively's sick theories here:

Last week, ex-NFL player Pastor Ken Hutcherson flew in from Washington to give advice on fighting LGBT rights.

He was joined by another American, Scott Lively, co-author of 'The Pink Swastika- Homosexuality in the Nazi Party'. This disturbing book is an insane diatribe claiming that ‘homosexualism’ not only gave birth to Nazi imperialism but also led to the Holocaust itself. It's crackpot theories stem from rumour, conjecture and fantasy and despite the fact that few take it seriously, it's a best-seller in anti-gay circles.

The scary tome, which happens to be on its 4th edition, claims that: “homosexuality is primarily a predatory addiction striving to take the weak and unsuspecting down with it”.
And just to bring the conspiracy full circle, who do you think helped promote Lively's theories in the past? None other than religious right homophobe Peter LaBarbera, who has worked at the Family Research Council and was yet another man at the Concerned Women for America. LaBarbera published Lively's crackpot theories in his anti-gay rag, the Lambda Report.

Pam Spaulding has more on Peter LaBarbera:

- Letter from Peter LaBarbera
- Peter LaBarbera's trolling for scat talk
- LaBarbera's fixation on Bush's comments about Mary Cheney
- AmTaliban Peter LaBarbera investigates the International Mr. Leather conference

These are the hateful, bigoted people who make up the religious right. These are the wackjobs the Republican party and the Bush White House continue to embrace.

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