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Detroit and Bush, still clueless with environment

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Today's meeting between Bush and the Big Auto makers from Detroit gives us a clue as to just how clueless the whole lot of them are. Bush is eager to show that he's not a complete idiot when it comes to global warming, though the results are predictable, with Bush promoting the option that is at best years away, stinks of massive government welfare to corporate farmers and raises too many environmental and social disruption issues to even count.

On the other hand, we have Detroit, eager to show that they're not run by a bunch of complete fools who have been passed by Japan and Europe with new fuel efficient cars and hybrids. Detroit wants to show the world that they can build bio-fuel cars, but of course, why even tell everyone that you can produce X amount when the available fuel for X doesn't exist and won't likely exist for at least ten years in any meaningful amount, possibly never beyond small numbers? Ugh.

Meanwhile, the rest of the competition continues to move ahead, years ahead of the dinosaurs, delivering cars that consumers want and tapping in to the strong interest in our global environment.

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