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Bush trying to kill D.C. voting representation

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The District of Columbia is taxed without representation. This year, Congress is planning to change that by giving District residents a voting member of the U.S. House. Everything was proceeding until yesterday when George Bush weighed in:

The White House declared its opposition yesterday to a bill that would give the District its first full seat in the House of Representatives, saying it is unconstitutional, and a key Senate supporter said such concerns could kill the measure.

"The Constitution specifies that only 'the people of the several states' elect representatives to the House," said White House spokesman Alex Conant. "And D.C. is not a state."

He declined to say whether President Bush would veto the bill, but the White House appeared to be sending a message to Congress just as momentum for the measure was building. It cleared two House committees this week, and the Democratic leadership has vowed to pass it on the House floor next week.
All of the sudden, the Bush Administration claims to worry about the constitutionality of legislation. Every chance Bush gets to screw Americans, he does.

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