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Bush to Congressional health care task force: drop dead

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More compassion, from the compassionate conservative. The group that Bush just thumbed his nose to was created by both Republicans (when they still held power last year) and Democrats, with members coming from every walk of life, including business and health care providers so this is hardly some out of the mainstream group. Like every other problem that this administration looks at, Bush chooses to ignore the problem and put it off for the next person because he lacks any spine to make a tough decision.

The Bush administration on Wednesday rejected key recommendations from a citizens' group asked by Congress to find out people's health care wishes.

Suggestions included guaranteeing health coverage for specific checkups and treatments and protecting consumers from high medical expenses. The group released its report Sept. 29 after hearing from about 6,500 people at 84 meetings.

President Bush agrees with many of the goals, but differs on how to achieve them, according to a letter from Health and Human Services Secretary
Mike Leavitt to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

The group "chose an approach based on mandates and government intervention rather than an approach emphasizing consumer choice and options," Leavitt said.
Unless he receives his talking points from the extreme radical right and his corporate enablers, nothing registers. This is a president who just continues to spiral away from the basic needs of his country. Why is it so hard for him to stand up for average Americans?

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