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Associated Press & Reuters AWOL on Coulter calling John Edwards a 'faggot,' neither reports on outrage

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UPDATE: Editor & Publisher notes that the Washington Post is also refusing to cover this story.

UPDATE: Not only does the New York Times story about the conference NOT mention what Coulter did, but the story DOES mention Coulter's speech generally, and how it was apparently THE BIG DRAW of the entire conference. In other words, the most anticipated speech of the entire day was the one in which the speaker called John Edwards a 'faggot,' and the mainstream media thinks this isn't newsworthy. But it is newsworthy to mention Coulter's speech generally and how important it was to the attendees. Nice.

Apparently it's no longer news to the Associated Press and Reuters that a lead conservative voice at THE lead conservative conference, a conference attended by all the GOP presidential candidates (save John McCain) and even the vice president himself, publicly called a lead Democratic presidential candidate a "faggot." And it's not news that the lead gay and lesbian civil rights group in America, and the head of the Democratic party, have called on the GOP candidatees, and the veep, to condemn her hateful comments. No, no story there. But I do hear that Anna Nicole Smith is still dead and Britney shaved her head. Oooh, how exciting.

I don't even need to make the comparisons to whether the Associated Press, Reuters and the rest of the mainstream media would find it newsworthy if Michael Moore or Barbra Streisand, attending the lead Democratic political conference, called a leading Republican presidential candidate the n-word, or a slur for Jews, or Latinos, or any other minority. Hell, the mainstream media was all over the story that Barbra Streisand told some heckler to go shove it - yes, that was apparently news - but a top conservative voice publicly calling a top Democrat a "faggot" at the most important annual meeting of the GOP base, in a month that the word faggot and anti-gay bias has been in the news repeatedly, no, that ain't news.

One of our commenters put it best:

Edwards/Kerry state the truth - that Mary Cheney is a lesbian - and all hell breaks loose.

Coulter calls Edwards a faggot.


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