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NBC is Scooter Libby's lifeline

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The Bush Administration has great disdain for the media. Karl Rove thinks the press corps is a bunch of "patsies." Scooter Libby's trial has exposed just how much the Bush/Cheney team used the press -- and, how the press were willing accomplices.

Now, AP is reporting that Scooter is counting on the NBC news crew to get him off:

Libby's attorneys want to show that Russert had heard that Plame worked at the CIA. Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer has already testified that he told NBC reporter David Gregory about her. If Libby can show that Mitchell knew, too, they think they can persuade jurors to believe Libby's account of the Russert conversation.

Plame was outed in a July 2003 syndicated column. Three months later, Mitchell said in a television interview that she had known Plame worked for the CIA before the column.

"It was widely known among those of us who cover the intelligence community," Mitchell said.
Russert, Mitchell and Gregory. The cracker jack NBC political team. In reality, they've been White House puppets.

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