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Monday Morning Open Thread

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Let's do a quick review of news from the weekend: Republicans in the Senate won't even allow a debate on the Iraq war; under George Bush's command, wounded soldiers are living in squalor without the necessary care at the Army's premiere medical facility, which is just a couple miles from the White House and Capitol; and, under George Bush's watchful eye, Al Qaeda is reconstituting with Bin Laden reasserting his leadership role.

The GOP claims to be the party of national security and the party that supports the troops. Neither are true and haven't been for awhile. Yet, in just one weekend, we see the graphic evidence that we're not safer and they don't support the troops. The next time any Republican claims either of those mantles, they must be mocked. And, note to the media: just because the Republicans say something, doesn't make it true.

Happy President's Day.

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