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It's time to fire Major General George W. Weightman, now

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Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman is the guy in charge of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the army facility where our wounded troops are being treated like scum. Weightman admits that he knew of the mistreatment of our war veterans, and claims he's been "addressing" those problems. Yeah right. Well, clearly Weightman can't get the job done since the problems haven't been fixed, and it's taking a newspaper expose to get them any attention at all.

Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman needs to resign his position immediately, or be fired. And his ass need to be hauled in front of Congress when they return from recess in a week.

And a special raspberry for the AP which totally downplayed the Washington Post story that caused this uproar. The AP spins the story as being about slow paperwork for a few troops. Conveniently, the AP leaves out the mention of the cockroaches, the lack of heat and water in winter, the deaths, the semi-delusional soldiers left wandering the streets, etc. The Washington Post's Dana Priest and Anne Hull deserve a Pulitzer for this story. The AP... Lord knows what their problem is.

Here's your "paperwork," AP:

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