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Is Harry Reid getting ready to sue AP & John Solomon?

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I hate putting this important a story up on a Saturday night, but I'm not gonna be scooped on this baby. Check out this Associated Press story from a few days back that nobody seemed to notice. It looks to me like Harry Reid is getting ready to sue the AP and their former ace reporter John Solomon.From the AP:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has hired Los Angeles celebrity attorney Martin Singer for legal work.

Singer is among Hollywood's most sought-after litigators and has represented Governor Schwarzenegger, Britney Spears and Bruce Willis, among others. His specialties include libel, copyright and privacy law.

Reid paid Singer $25,000 from his senatorial campaign account on December 14th, according to his most recent Federal Election Commission report.

Reid's spokesman, Jon Summers, said Singer was hired to help Reid respond to a story by The Associated Press that was critical of a Las Vegas land deal involving the senator. He said Reid got approval from the Senate Ethics Committee for the expenditure.
Here's an article about attorney Singer: "Raging Bulls: When It's Time for the Gloves to Come Off, These Attack Dogs of L.A. Law Get the Call." A snippet of the article:
When things go bad for a client--and we're talking off the cliff--the respectable barrister known for his or her brilliant transactional mind, hail-fellow connections and Ivy League charm may have to bring in a different type of attorney. One whose job is to dive into the gutter of a litigious, capitalistic society and win at all costs. In other words, a specialist: one of the pit bulls of L.A. law....

What these lawyers possess is the proven ability to go all the way, to a jury trial if necessary, and play by whatever rules are laid down to save their client's freedom or fortune in a civil or criminal matter. On the other hand, when one of them makes a phone call or sends a demand letter, arguments are often settled quickly ... and quietly.

"Marty Singer is a very nice man who loves his family," says Priscilla Presley of her own personal pit bull. "But if he thinks someone has done me harm, he is a stealth rottweiler."
More on Mr. Solomon from AMERICAblog and Media Matters and TPM Muckraker and TPM.

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