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Iranian claims: turnabout is fair play?

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Last week, two major bombings hit Iran, one at a girls school and the other at a military installation. The latter attack was deadly, with dozens of casualties, and a firefight followed the former. Because of Iranian secrecy, little is known about the attacks, but an Iranian separatist group claimed responsibility for the blasts.

They claimed responsibility, in fact, through the MKO, a terrorist organization reportedly based in . . . Iraq. Iranian separatist/terrorist groups are splintered, with alphabet-soup designations including MKO, PMOI, and NCRI, interconnecting at various (and disputed) points. The bottom line, though, is that some terrorists targeting Iran -- mostly native Iranian -- are now basing operations in Iraq, including groups at least tangentially connected to last week's bombings. And somehow we're shocked -- shocked! -- that Iran would want to influence these events in Iraq.

As a special little tweak, Iran is claiming that the explosives used in the attack against Iranian military were manufactured in . . . wait for it . . . the U.S. This claim is, of course, unverifiable, but by the standards of our current administration, I guess our government just purposefully attacked Iran, or something. Yikes.

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