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I just got a call from Snickers' parent company

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UPDATE: Note to Snickers. Our readers report that the ad just ran on both Spike TV and Comedy Central.

Masterfoods, Mars and Snickers parent company (or something), called to let me know that while humor is highly subjective, and their target market for the ads did give them positive feedback (that would be the neanderthal gay-bashing fans of Snickers?), they did not intend to offend anyone and will not be airing any of the four ads ever again, nor will they be airing the commentary from the NFL players responding to the ads. This includes not airing the ads during the Daytona 500, which they had earlier said they planned to do.

I'm still waiting for them to email their official statement, but this is good. They recognized their mistake, well, at least implicitly, and have done the right thing. Still, Snickers just told millions of Americans that being gay is bad and then associated anti-gay prejudice with violence, so it would still be nice if Snickers could find a way to correct the intolerant message they sent to millions of Americans.

Question: Did anyone grab copies of the various ad versions on Snickers' Web site? I don't mean the ad that ran on TV, we have that - I mean the 3 other versions of the ad that were on the site. I need those. Please contact me if you have them.

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