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Forget Iraq. McCain wants to be the anti-sex candidate. He's preaching abstinence now.

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Oh, this is rich. John McCain can't make the votes on Iraq -- the dominant issue of these times. No, McCain has more pressing matters on his plate. He's too busy working on his no-sex agenda. In McCain's effort to pander to the theocrats, he's reaching another new low. John McCain major policy is telling people who aren't married not to have sex:

Most presidential candidates are trying to get people to say "yes." Republican Sen. John McCain will be encouraging South Carolina students to say "no." The Arizona lawmaker is scheduled to speak Sunday night to about 1,500 middle and high school students about abstaining from premarital sex. Abstinence and abortion loom large as issues in this first-in-the-South primary state in the heart of the Bible Belt.

"Senator McCain has a long legislative record of supporting abstinence-based initiatives in his record in the U.S. Senate," said Trey Walker, McCain's South Carolina campaign director. "He thinks that abstinence is healthier and should be promoted in our society for young people."
So, if this is such an important issue, we must ask: What is the abstinence policy for the McCain staff? If one works for John McCain, must one sign a "I won't have sex" pledge...or does the no-sex thing only apply to other people. Does his "no-sex" policy apply to unmarried soldiers? And, what exactly are people supposed to abstain from? Everything? Is oral sex okay?

If McCain wants people to abstain from pre-marital sex -- and he opposes gay marriage -- does that mean McCain doesn't think gay people should ever have sex? Maybe one of the many gays working on his campaign can answer that question for us.

We dare some member of the press corps to ask John McCain if he really believes this crap. If John McCain really wants to make sex an issue to placate the right-wingers, John McCain should really have to answer questions about sex. He's making it an issue so make him explain his policy -- in detail.

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