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Dad writes letter to the editor seeking donations for son's body armor

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Smart dad. Because we know what will happen to his son at Walter Reed if he gets injured.

What the hell is going on in our country? These are the kids going over for the surge. I'm just speechless. Read this letter to the editor in today's Sparta Independent (NY):

To the Editor:

I have a son going to Iraq this summer. I was able to afford to buy state-of-the-art body armor for his protection. Unfortunately there are many parents that are not able to afford this body armor.

My son’s outfit has 24 Marines. Two parents, including myself, have purchased this armor. Five others have been sponsored. The families of all the Marines in the unit have banded together to raise the additional money for the other 17 Marines.

The military has body armor available, but it’s heavy and not state-of-the-art. There is a company called Pinnacle Armor, out of California, that sells armor called Dragon Skin. This is what we have chosen for our sons. We need to raise $102,000 to outfit these 17 Marines. It’s approximately $6000 per Marine.

Any and all donations are welcome.

For more information please call Jesse Roe at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Jesse Roe
And by the way, this answers a burning question I've had since last year. A number of folks on the right had been saying "it's a lie, our troops HAVE the body armor they need, and in fact, it's so heavy they don't want to wear it anyway in the hot desert heat." It didn't hit me until I read this letter that this may actually be true, all of our troops DO have body armor - sure, it's the WRONG body armor that they can't use...

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