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Cheney's in Japan giving his 2002 "we're gonna win" speech

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Cheney is in Japan giving basically the same speech he gave back in 2002. The Bush Administration can't let Cheney give a speech like this in the U.S. -- he'd be mocked. Seriously, in just this following short excerpt, there are so many distortions and lies. Vintage Cheney:

"We know that terrorist attacks are not caused by the use of strength, they are invited by the perception of weakness," Cheney said in a speech aboard the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier at Yokosuka Navy Base near Tokyo.

"We know that if we leave Iraq before the mission is completed, the enemy is going to come after us," Cheney said.

"And I want you to know that the American people will not support a policy of retreat," he added. "We want to complete the mission, we want to get it done right, and we want to return with honor," said Cheney, who heads on Thursday for Australia to meet Prime Minister John Howard, another backer of Bush's Iraq policy.
Too late, Dick. You didn't do it right. It's over. You and Bush have made America weaker. You've emboldened our enemies. You've strengthened the terrorists. And, we still don't know what "the mission" is. Nice job.

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