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Bush to injured Iraq vets at Walter Reed: Don't talk to us about it

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Outrageous. Just when you thought the Walter Reed veterans abuse scandal can't get any worse, it does. Today the Bush Administration disavowed any responsibility for what's happening to wounded soldiers at the army hospital, which is basically a straight shot up 16th Street from the White House.

White House spokesman Tony Snow got pummeled today at the White House briefing over the shabby treatment the soldiers are receiving at Walter Reed. But, he was unfazed. You see, it's not the White House's problem, and they don't intend to take responsibility for fixing it.

We've all seen the Bush Administration talk about supporting the troops endlessly. They use our soldiers as political props all the time. But, despite the shabby treatment wounded troops are getting right here in DC, at the supposed flagship hospital, the Bush team didn't say, "this is an outrage and we're going to fix it." No, Tony Snow punted.

Snow told the press corps that if they wanted to know what was going on at Walter Reed, those responsible for working on the problem "work on the other side of the river." In other words, it's the Pentagon's fault, and the Pentagon's responsibility for fixing it -- as if George Bush has no say over what the Pentagon does (or no desire). C'mon. They work for Bush over at the Pentagon, they are PART OF the Bush Administration.

The Bush White House takes NO responsibility for what's going on at Walter Reed. They take no responsibility for fixing things. The White House didn't need to say it was their fault, they simply needed to say "this is outrageous, we're taking over." But they didn't.

George Bush and the Republicans simply do not support our troops. It's beyond outrageous.

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